A Child (short film)

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A Child (short film)

FILM /A Child (short film)

36 minutes. Subtitles in English, French and German.

Fiction with reportage, animation and confession booth.

Charlotte and Tjili have finally decided to move in together when Tjili announces that she wants to have children. Charlotte is not altogether enthusiastic about the idea and the disagreement leads to the couple breaking up. But Charlotte regrets her decision. What will she do?

”A Child” is a poetic short film about women who want to become parents and raise a family as a lesbian couple. The film also takes up the pros and cons of having children by anonymous donor and the motives that may lie behind. The film explores different reactions from society, and the emotional as well as legal issues, people from a minority face, when they want live on the same terms as the majority. Also the film shows that the decision of having children and making a family brings up question to ones life. Questions one has to deal with – sooner or later. Whoever you are.

“A Child” digs into the different aspects of women nowadays actually choosing to raise families without fathers. It shows how discrimination in general is still a matter for homosexuals in Denmark. The film is fictional with elements of both reportage, animation and ’confession booth’. As today, children of homosexuals are still viewed by some people almost as bastards, I decided to reflect this in the film itself by mixing different styles and techniques. Creating a ’bastard’ in its right of its own.

The law of artificial insemination

The law of artificial insemination of single and lesbian women has been changed several times in Denmark. At first, all women could be inseminated with unknown donor sperm within the public health care system. Then, for a 10-year period, only heterosexual women in a relationship were allowed to have inseminations. In the meantime, as only trained doctors were banned from performing inseminations on women, Ms. Stork, a Danish midwife, opened a private clinic specialising in insemination of lesbian and single women. Lots of children were brought to the world at the Stork clinic in those ten years of insemination ban.

The Stork clinic is still a much sought after clinic. These days, from more single women than lesbian couples. Women from countries where insemination of single and lesbian women is still illegal, have also started to frequent the clinic.

The law on adoption and gender neutral marriage today 2012, after finishing the film:

Denmark was the first country to have registered partnership as legalising the love of homosexuals. But since then Denmark has been far behind other European countries in matters of introducing equal rights for homosexuals.

Recently though, in 2010, it became allowed for homosexual couples to adopt children. Although homosexual couples have not adopted any so far due to the resistance to homosexual parenting in foreign countries.

The gender-neutral marriage has now, in 2012, been introduced in Denmark. Homosexuals can also be married in the common church of Denmark. Each priest is allowed to choose not to perform the ceremony for homosexuals, but apparently that will not be a problem. There are plenty who want to.