When I Was A Soldier (2014)

What would have happened if the Mermaid had not been transformed into an airy-fairy spirit? The album When I Was A Soldier responds to illustrate how the Mermaid’s life could have been and already to some extend had become.

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome is caused by war and war-like experiences and traumas. That we all know by now. It seems though that civil life is very stressful as well. Many people have become soldiers in managing their own lives in a world that constantly increases demands for discipline, loyalty and total engagement. Daily life is of course not the same thing as war. So interesting that people living ordinary lives sometimes develop the same symptoms.

When A Was A Soldier is an independent interpretation and elaboration of the fairy tale about the Mermaid. However, this album can also be regarded as a successor to or an extension of the album The Book of the Mermaid.