The Book of the Mermaid

An album about desire, destiny and transformation.

Longing, loving and raving-craving make one changes and conquers oneself in order to fulfil one’s desires.

The longing for love and life, – feeling-being alive, pushes people around in the corners of their minds. Sometimes they do extreme things. Sometimes they have to save themselves. Nobody else does.

In the fairy tale The Mermaid dismembers herself in order to become human and be with the Prince she loves. She cuts out her tongue. Together with her beautiful singing voice, she trades her fishtail for a pair of human legs. She is now speechless but though it hurts she can dance more beautifully than anyone.

But the Mermaid fails. She doesn’t win the Prince. Actually her desire never comes into action with anyone.

The Mermaid shows great courage, willpower and ability to love. She transcends herself and achieves transformation. She also dooms herself into self-destruction.

Is her quest a heroic deed for love or an addiction to desire?

On The Book of the Mermaid the voice is given back to The Mermaid. A voice singing a woman’s desire.