Becoming Human

Using voice and piano I explore the transformation of the Mermaid becoming human. The Mermaid is the main character of the Danish fairytale The Little Mermaid (1837) written by H.C. Andersen.

In this story the Mermaid makes the transition from being mermaid to become human. She represents the human experience of becoming human – entering language and order of society.
I believe her story is about the human condition we all enter when being born.

The Mermaid also represents a particular female experience in a society where women’s desire and capability for acting out that desire is amputated – as the Mermaid in her body is amputated to become human: She cuts out her tongue and trades her voice for human legs. They hurt when she moves but she dances beautifully.

The Roy Hart Approach of Voice Work is sometimes referred to as exploring The Human Voice. The album Becoming Human draws on my experiences working with the Roy Hart approach to voice training.

Becoming Human is the final album in:

The Mermaid Trilogy: The Mermaids Box – Metaphors and Metamorphoses

The Book of the Mermaid (2009) is about Desire as longing, loving and raving craving. About still waiting to get out there in actually inter-action.

When I Was A Soldier (2014) is about Desire when one is getting out there and fight for survival.

Becoming Human (2015) is about becoming human with Desire as a basic human condition.